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This online service offers easy access to the NCERT textbooks in Flipbook format. The service covers textbooks of all subjects published by NCERT for classes IX to XII in Hindi and English. The entire book or individual chapters can be downloaded provided the terms of use as mentioned in the Copyright Notice is adhered to. License for Use of National Council of Educational Research and Training E-content National Council of Educational Research and Training, hereafter referred as NCERT is the corporate author and first/sole owner of the NCERT E-content and entitled to enforce its rights. All content accessible on NCERT website www.ncert.nic.in shall be E-content within the meaning of this License, unless specified otherwise on such content.

Access or use in any manner of NCERT E-content signifies that the person so accessing the NCERT E-content has read, understood and agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of this License. No person is authorised to access and/or use any NCERT E-content except under the terms of this License.

Any reproduction, distribution or other use of NCERT E-content otherwise than in accordance with the terms of this license may render the person doing so liable to legal remedies for infringement of copyright and/or moral rights.

The use of NCERT E-content made available on its website www.ncert.nic.in or through any other platform, in the form of e-books or other material in digital format, is subject to copyright of which the NCERT is the corporate author and first/sole owner of copyright and all other rights. NCERT E-content can be used and/or distributed subject to the following terms and conditions:

Agreement: All persons availing of this License shall display or provide a link to this License on their websites on the terms and conditions of this License and NCERT shall be deemed to be the licensor.

Reproduction: All persons are entitled to read NCERT E-Contents online and are licensed to download the NCERT E-contents freely and without the agreement of license fees to NCERT, subject to the terms of this agreement.

Distribution: All persons are, further, entitled to distribute the NCERT E-content in digital format by electronic means to third parties or communicate the same to the public in any medium or format subject to the condition that no monetary or other consideration for such distribution or communication to the public is accepted, either for content or for carriage, nor any kind of commercial use of such NCERT E-content made, including but not limited to, placing advertisements in conjunction with NCERT E-content, or otherwise monetizing any activity undertaken pursuant to or in relation to the distribution or use of NCERT E-content, or obtaining any financial benefit whether for profit or otherwise, directly or indirectly, from distribution or communication to the public or other use of NCERT E-content.

Sales or Hire: No person except the NCERT is permitted to sell or give on rental NCERT E-content in full or in part.

Attribution: Any person distributing or communicating to the public NCERT E-content, either in whole or in part, shall make a clear, conspicuous and unambiguous attribution, both of authorship and of copyright ownership, in favour of NCERT. No person is permitted to remove or alter the logo, watermark or any other identification material or Rights Management Information that has been applied to the NCERT E-content by NCERT.

Adaption: NCERT E-content can only be distributed in its ‘as is’ form. No person is permitted to adapt, translate, alter, summarize, or make any derivation of NCERT E-content. Any such act without the specific, written permission of NCERT will amount to infringement of copyright. Technological Measures: While distributing NCERT E-content, no person is permitted to apply any technological