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National Curriculum Frameworks

National Curriculum Frameworks

NCF- 2005
NCF- 2000 Hindi English
NCF- 1988 English
NCF- 1975 Hindi English

National Focus Group Position Papers

Executive Summary of 21 National Focus Groups Position Papers  Hindi English
Aims of Education Hindi English
Systemic Reforms for Curriculum Change Hindi English
Teaching of Indian Language Hindi English
Teaching of English Hindi English
Teaching of Mathematics Hindi English
Teaching of Science Hindi English
Teaching of Social Science Hindi English
Habitat and Learning Hindi English
Art, Music, Dance and Theatre Hindi English
Heritage Crafts Hindi English
 Educational Technology Hindi  English
 Work and Education Hindi  English
Health and Physical Education Hindi  English
 Early Childhood Education Hindi  English
 Problems of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Children Hindi  English
 Gender Issues in the Curriculum Hindi  English
 Education With Special Needs Hindi  English
  Education for Peace Hindi  English
 Curriculum, Syllabus and Textbooks Hindi  English
 Teacher Education for Curriculum Renewal Hindi  English
 Examination Reform Hindi  English

Training Material for Teacher Educator

Perspectives on Gender and Society Vol.I English
Gender and Schooling Processes Vol.II English
Gender and Women’s Empowerement Vol.III English