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Public Information Service

Public Information Service (Last updated:3- March-2017)
Department of Education in Social Sciences (DESS) Manju Bhatt 011-26562582
Department of Education in Science and Mathematics(DESM) Dinesh Kumar 011-265617422
Department of Elementary Education (DEE) Anup Kumar Rajput 011-26863735
Department of Education Psychology and Foundation of Education (DEPFE) Anjum Sibia 011-26560544
Department of Education in Languages (DEL) K.C.Tripathi 011-26565336
Department of Teacher Education (DTE) Raj Rani 011-26567320
Department of Education of Groups with Special Needs (DEGSN) Anupam Ahuja 011-26962459
Department of Education in Arts and Aesthetics (DEAA) Jyotsana Tiwari 011-26511538
Department of Gender Studies (DGS) Poonam Agrawal 011-26962590
Planning and Moinitoring Division (PMD) A.D Tiwari 011-26864875
International Relations Division (IRD) P.K. Mandal 011-26561102
Library and Documentation Division (LDD) Moorttimatee Samantray 011-26863154
Division of Educational Kits (DEK) & Campus Maintenance Division Shri Gyan Chand,Deputy Secretary 011-26966257
Educational Survey Division (ESD) Dr. Indrani Bhadhri 011-26592143
Division of Educational Research (DER) Dr. Rajendra Pal 011-26563980
Publication Division M. Siraj Anwar 011-26852261
Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA) Sharad Sinha Arora 011-26527044
E-II, E-III & Hindi Cell R. Ashoka 011-26961474
E-II, R-II ,E-III,CIET,RSM Cell, Hindi Cell, IWSU Kanta Kelkar,Deputy Secretary 011-26535586
C&W, S&S Section , R&M(DEK), Steward and CPWD Gyan Chand,Deputy Secretary 011-26592107
E-I, R-I, DMS/RIE, C&P, EC, GRC and RTI S.S. bisht, Deputy Secretary 011-26592379
Accounts Branch (Cash Section, Pension Cell, GPF Section, Budget Section &Internal Audit Cell, Bill-I & Bill-II Section, CPA Section, Compilation Section, GA Section, EA Section, Computer Section) Ranjan Kumar Nayak, Chief Accounts Officer 011-26513981
V & L Section , Security Section and C.R. Cell Ashutosh Mishra, Vigilanc-cum-Security Officer 011-26592113
Department of Curriculum Studies Ranjana Arora 011-26527044
Planning and Research Division (PRD), CIET Idu Kumar 011-26864801-10 Ext 152
Department of Information and Communication Technology (DICT), CIET A. P. Behera 011-26864801
Engineering Division (ED), CIET Dr Abhay Kumar
Media Production Division (MPD), CIET Dr Abhay Kumar
R-II, RSM Cell, CIET Abha Munzni, Deputy Secretary 011-26592384
IWSU, R&I Section M.P. Nathanael, Consultant 011-26592111
Regional Institute of Education (RIE), Ajmer Ashish jain,Administrative Officer 0145-2643721
Regional Institute of Education (RIE), Bhopal Manish Singhal, Administrative Officer 0755-2661096
Regional Institute of Education (RIE), Bhubaneshwar Kiran Juneja, Administrative Officer 0674-2542924
Regional Institute of Education (RIE), Mysore K.A. Kouchuraman, Administrative Officer 0821-2416721
North East Regional Institute of Education (NERIE), Shilong Madan Singh Yadav, Administrative Officer 0364-2226317
Pandit Sunderlal Sharma Central Institute of Vocational Education (PSSCIVE), Bhopal Umakant Shukla, Deputy Secretary 0755-2558160
Ext. 304
NCERT Headquarter and NIE Joint Director, NCERT 011-26510105
Central Institute of Educational Technology (CIET), NCERT Joint Director, CIET 011-26962580
Pandit Sunderlal Sharma Central Institute of Vocational Education,PSSCIVE, Bhopal Joint Director, PSSCIVE 0755-2660651
Regional Institute of Education (RIE), Ajmer G. Vishwanathappa, Principal 0145-2643671
Regional Institute of education (RIE), Bhopal Nityananda Pradhan, Principal 0755-2661463
Regional Institute of Education (RIE), Bhubaneshwar P.C Agarwal, Principal 0674-2540534
Regional Institute of Education (RIE), Mysore Y. Sreekanth, Principal 0821-2514095
North East Regional Institute of Education (NERIE), Shilong B. Barthakur, Principal +91-364-2522747,+91-364-2522748